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In the Windows Update settings app, be sure to look at “optional updates”, which is often where driver updates will be. The most common approaches are to let Windows Update handle it, or run installation or update programs supplied by either your computer or device manufacturer. The best way to update drivers is to let Windows Update handle it for you. If you need something more current or different, use the computer or component manufacturer’s tools or support sites. Aside from letting Windows Update update drivers automatically, there is rarely cause to update drivers yourself, unless you’re tracking down a problem. Windows updates not only install security updates but also download and install the latest drivers to make sure of efficient functioning.

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  • Shadow of Mordor is tied in performance with the previous driver.
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  • So the next time the printer ‘driver is unavailable’ error appears we hope this article will be able to help and guide you to fix the issue.

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Or, at least don’t put off updating your software for long. A higher FPS makes a real difference when it comes to playing video games. Next, you can right click on it and hit Properties. You’ll see a screen that shows the general status of the piece of hardware you selected.

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Nothing stellar, but significant above error margin. Also, subjective smoothness seems better overall during the benchmark, and rocketdrivers.com micro-stuttering seems less frequent. During gameplay I’m playing capped to vSynced 60 fps, and smoothness is perfect in any case without any noticeable stutter at all. As this is a very small version jump, I didn’t expect big changes. Maybe a very small drop on The Division, exact same numbers on Wildlands, and a very small bump on FC5.

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With Windows Update open, click Check for Updates. Limited feature set compared to competing products. Includes a Backup Manager to save all your current drivers. The platinum version is expensive, especially if you don’t need the extra tools. Peter has been a Techvki reporter since July 2021.

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