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Interested local sponsors can make a contribution via the “Donate” button on your favorite chapter or project’s wiki page. The project team welcomes any contributions to correct, extend, and improve the technical notes for each card. OWASP Projects and activities are often the subject of webcasts and podcasts. Synopsys is a leading provider of high-quality, silicon-proven semiconductor IP solutions for SoC designs. To allow US government agencies to comply with FISMA , AWS infrastructure has been evaluated by independent assessors for a variety of government systems as part of their system owner’s approval process. With PCI Data Security Standards , AWS is complying with set of controls important to companies that handle credit card information.

We will dive into the technical details of the attack including the rogue Domain Controller, the client-side vulnerability and the Kerberos authentication protocol network traffic that ties them. We would explore some other attack avenues, all leveraging on the rogue Domain Controller concept.

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Tips for Clinicians – Keeping Your Patients’ Connected Medical Devices Safe is aimed to increase clinician comfort as they discuss cybersecurity in connected medical devices with patients. Static Application Security Testing tool for Regular Expressions analysis will be released, which aims to finds security flaws in the cunning syntax of regular expressions. Using the proposed “regex security cheatsheet”, rules from popular WAFs will be examined. Logical flaws in regular expressions will be demonstrated by applying author’s bughunting experience and best practices. Unexpected by regexp’s primary logic vectors will be discovered for Cross-Site Scripting and SQL-Injection attacks using advanced fuzz testing techniques. Obtained from fuzz testing framework attack vectors will be clustered and represented via look-up tables. Such tables can be used by both attackers and defenders in order to understand the purpose of characters in various parts of attack vector, which are allowed by appropriate browsers or databases.

  • While being a clever attack, the physical access requirement for the attack seems to be prohibitive and would prevent it from being used on most APT campaigns.
  • Most often, at least a replacement, a manufacture can do this because they know how often their product breaks.
  • For everything from online tools and videos to forums and events, the OWASP ensures that its offerings remain free and easily accessible through its website.
  • It is a relatively new field and has not previously been applied to cybersecurity.

However, over the course of more than twenty years of development, the inevitable pressure to retain backwards compatibility has turned the COM runtime into an obscure beast. These days, many COM interfaces exist that mirror almost the same functionality provided by common Windows APIs. Malware authors can easily execute almost any operation (creating files, starting new processes, etc.) only using COM calls.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Risk and Compliance

As the major proponent of ZeroConf techniques, Apple has adopted ZeroConf techniques in various frameworks and system services on iOS and OS X to minimize user involvements in system setup. However, when the design pendulum swings towards usability, concerns may arise whether the system has been adequately protected. In this presentation, we will report the first systematic study on the security implications of these ZeroConf techniques on Apple systems. Therefore, security teams need to deploy automation that can scale their processes. When it comes to your organization, what criteria should decide the best approach for security automation? Are there simpler alternatives to building a complex, custom built, automation environment? How do you ensure that your implementation will effectively enable teams versus just creating false positives at scale?

This category of analysis and insight has driven a series of mitigation improvements that has broken widely used exploitation techniques and in some cases virtually eliminated entire classes of vulnerabilities. Malicious threat actors are incentivized to attack and compromise penetration testers, and given current practices, can do so easily and with dramatic impact. This presentation will include a live demonstration of techniques for hijacking a penetration tester’s normal practices, as well as guidance for examining and securing your current testing procedures.


We cover how to make security easier for developers, SBOM, software minimalism, cyber resiliency, and so much more! Jeroen is owasp top 10 proactive controls more or less a jack of all trades with an interest in infrastructure security, risk management, and application security.

(Typically includes 2 days of pre-conference training, followed by 2 days of conference talks). Some of our chapters and projects that ended the year with less than $500 will be seeing an increase in their funding allocations. It is our hope that these addition will help active chapters to jumpstart their activities for the new year without worry that they will not be able to afford to host a meeting.

OWASP Top 10 2021

She is the BISO for S&P Global ratings and has over 15 years of experience in security roles. She is heavily involved in the cybersecurity community as an international speaker, author, and advocate. Alyssa joins us to talk about bringing security to DevOps and the CI/CD pipeline.

  • Teams would normally agree on code conventions that help them create a consistent and easier process to maintain code.
  • Data Protection is the cryptographic system protecting user data on all iOS devices.
  • We are now able to install and extract any user program on these PLCs currently sold by Siemens.
  • Instant access to millions of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, podcasts and more.
  • In particular, we’ll take a close look at a vulnerability appearing in the most popular commercial hooking engine of a large vendor.

Finally, we’ll demonstrate how security tools can be used as an intrusion channel for threat actors, ironically defeating security measures. Voice enabled technology provides developers with great innovation opportunities as well as risks. The Voice Privacy Alliance created a set of 39 Agile security stories specifically for voice enabled IoT products as part of the Voice Privacy Innovation Toolkit.

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